Argentine Bank Masventas announced that starting Monday his customers can make cross-border payments using bitcoin.

Masventas in cooperation with the exchange’s startup Bitex is to be used for international transactions leading cryptocurrency as an alternative payment system Swift.

Marketing Director at Bitex Manuel Bodra (Manuel Beaudroit) said that this is the first use of bitcoin local Bank for cross-border payments.

“Customers will contact the Bank for international payments, and the Bank will use as the operator Bitex. With this approach customers don’t have to deal with bitcoin, and all transaction will be transparent,” said Badra.

Dakak Jose (Jose Dakak), the main shareholder Masventas, explained that this innovation will expand digital, mobile Bank services, and reduce their cost.

“One of our activities was the conclusion of the contract with Bitex as a strategic partner for the implementation of the Bitex platform in the system of payments and collections for our clients abroad,” he said.

We will remind, earlier this month, German Internet Bank Bitbond also started to use bitcoin for international loan payments, and currently processes transactions for a total amount of $1 million per month.