Popular bitcoin exchange Poloniex has introduced a new version of the mobile application for iOS and Android, which it promises will offer users a higher quality experience of cryptocurrency trading. This is stated in the blog Circle, the parent company of the exchange.

We launched new mobile apps to allow existing customers to trade with a few taps of their thumb and get the benefit of Poloniex anywhere, anytime and with a high-fidelity native app trading experience. https://t.co/cXCAblu700

— Poloniex Exchange (@Poloniex) 9 October 2018

New version of the mobile application Poloniex localized and available in nine languages, including Russian.

They also offer improved mobile process of identification, verification and sign in to your account.

Simultaneously, the representatives of stock exchanges reported some of its achievements over recent months. In particular, it is argued that Poloniex was able to 97% to reduce the number of “frozen” tickets to support, and before the end of this year the exchange plans to close all user requests.

Also emphasizes that to address many of these issues, the exchange has had to make significant technical and software improvements of the infrastructure. Investment support has also enabled the exchange to answer more than 80% of calls within the same day, and the decision of the questions now takes twice less time than before.

One of the most common issues that users asked support, was the reliability of the mechanisms of deposits and withdrawals, to increase the exchange spent improving the infrastructure for the storage of cryptocurrency assets and wallets. At the same time, custom wallets was returned $12 million.

We will remind, earlier this month Poloniex announced that before the end of the year of its American users are deprived of the opportunity to trade with leverage and make loans to margin traders through the Lending function. In today’s ad exchange says that the move allows her to stay within the changing regulatory environment.