Staff publications MyBroadband (South Africa) compared the profitability of several plants for mining and came to the expected conclusion that the payback periods of equipment has increased dramatically because the prices of basic cryptocurrency has dropped significantly.

Mining was a great way to receive passive income in the midst of the passions of blockchain tokens, but last year the growth of digital currencies has slowed and prices are normalized. If before the miners could recoup your device within a few months, now the investment in equipment cannot be considered a simple way of earning.

There are two main types of machines for mining of cryptocurrencies: based on graphics cards (GPU) and on the basis of specialized chips (ASIC). These types of miners to provide the different levels of profitability depending on what tokens they produce, and the price fluctuations themselves tokens.

To determine potential revenues from the mining today, employees MyBroadband has compared the profitability of mining various cryptocoins with the prices of the equipment.


Journalists looking for the price of five miners available for purchase at Bitmart, including two GPU – and three ASIC devices.

The income potential from each plant were calculated in the ROI calculator CryptoCompare. Then the cost of the equipment divided by the potential daily profit to find out the time for which you can pay off each device.

Below are five models of miners who participated in the comparison, as well as their computational power:

  • 821 Avalon — bitcoin 11 teruhisa per second;
  • Antminer D3 — Dash, 19.3 gigamesh per second;
  • V9 Antminer — bitcoin 4 teruhisa per second;
  • 6x Thorium RX 570 Mining Rig — Ethereum, 144 megahee per second;
  • Thorium 6x GTX 1060 Mining Rig — Ethereum, 120 megahexe per second.

The main cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin and Ethereum, are the most popular among the miners. For real-time tracking, with which coin to work is most profitable, you can use the NiceHash service.

The following is the cost of mining devices, daily revenues and the payback time (in their calculations revision MyBroadband used the South African Rand, we for clarity have translated amounts in United States dollars):

Don’t forget about the cost of electricity!

It should be noted that the use of powerful equipment to solve computational problems in the course of mining can dozens of times to increase your energy bill. The profits in this article specified without the cost of electricity, which can be significant.

For example, miner researchers MyBroadband consumes electricity for $84,81 per month ($2,65 each day), and this means that in South Africa daily electricity costs now outstrip daily income from mining.

Most miners generate a lot of heat and noise, and the solution of these problems requires additional expenses.