The office of supervision of the operations of financial market Switzerland (FINMA) has granted Crypto Fund, a subsidiary of the Crypto Finance AG, the country’s first license for a cryptocurrency assets.

Thus, created in 2017, the Crypto project Fund will not be limited to the spread of CryptoRandom registered in the offshore, and for legitimate reasons, to offer customers “a wide range of products for collective investments related to bitcoin and other scriptactive, including local funds.”

Additionally, license will allow the company to provide institutional clients with advice in the field of investment — on a par with the traditional companies in the asset management.

Recall that Crypto Finance AG was created by the former employee of Swiss banking giant UBS, Jan Buzek (Jan Brzezek). And two other former employees of the Bank recently raised $103 million to launch a regulated investment kleptomanka SEBA Crypto AG. The bankers Association of Switzerland recently released for financial institutions recommendations and tricks that should prevent a mass Exodus blockchain startups from the country.