The developers of Parity Technologies has introduced a beta version of the app Parity Signer v2.0 that free download in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store to turn an old cellphone in hardware crypto. Using new functionality of a device that has no permanent connection with the Internet, you can create, save, and securely sign transactions using your private key.

The latest version of Parity Signer supports operations in networks Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Kovan Ropsten and warns the user about the risks of loss of funds if the device went from offline mode to online. In addition, the application allows you to synchronize it with the crypto MyCrypto by scanning the QR code.

Team Parity underlines that at the moment, users of the experimental version of the Parity Signer v2.0 Beta, and they are encouraged to test it in small amounts and on phones that are not intended for everyday use, as well as to participate in the bug bounty.

Earlier, the developers of the plugin MetaMask added support for hardware wallets best wallet Ledger and.