Today, the Japanese tech giant Sony has announced the expansion of its DRM system. Now this type of copyright protection for written works run Sony will partly use the blockchain technology. The project is jointly developed by two subsidiaries of Sony, Sony Music Entertainment Japan and Sony Global Education.

A new subsystem was created based on previously developed solutions for “authentication, distribution and management rights to educational information.” A number of functional differences allow it to process additional data associated with the rights.

In a press release, dedicated to the development of Sony, emphasized the fact that the growth of the creative freedom of people associated with technical progress and obsolescence of legal areas related to cultural activities:

“To control the rights to content relevant organizations or authors using traditional methods, which increases the need for [the introduction of] a more effective way of rights management and confirmation of the status of the owner with respect to written content that is protected by copyright.”

It is not known whether Sony to use already existing network or develop its own platform. In a press release, the blockchain is described in General terms, namely as a way to “check the record information with a high degree of difficulty of forgery”.

In the future, Sony plans to expand the implementation of the blockchain in the internal operational system:

“The Sony Group is in the process of finding new and innovative ways to use blockchain technology for information management and data transmission for a number of different directions.”

Earlier, we told about a similar initiative JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group), involving the use of blockchain technology for copyright protection of digital image format .jpg.