Chapter Coriolis Technologies Rebecca Harding is confident that the giants of the banking industry stands ready to work with cryptocurrencies, however, stops the legal uncertainty in this area. It is reported Coindoo.

Rebecca Harding heads a technology company that serves the largest institutions in the world of traditional Finance. According to her, most of the financial institutions “have a healthy curiosity and scepticism” in relation to digital currencies.

She also noted that financial companies are beginning to realize the need to invest in crypto and blockchain space. However, currently they are waiting for the moment when legislators and regulators will clarify in the legal field.

To stay involved in cryptoprocessor and popular in its niche, the banks work closely with new companies from the FINTECH industry. Also, she said, financial institutions are actively studying the features of kryptonyte and certainly will soon begin to allocate funds in a new asset class.

So, three U.S. investment Bank Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup have launched products for major players, which are gradually attached to digital currencies. Morgan Stanley has developed the infrastructure for bitcoin derivatives and intends to launch a crypto-currency swaps total return if interest to this tool by institutional clients.

In July 2018 this year Korean news Agency Yonhap reported that the country’s commercial banks own bitcoin and Ethereum in excess of $2 billion.

Harding emphasizes that if in the near future, financial institutions will not be able to offer tools for working with digital assets, their business model may become irrelevant.

Recall that Goldman Sachs offers the tools to work with bitcoin futures, and is considering plans to launch custody services for institutional investors.