Olympic games 2020 in Tokyo can be a turning point for the ecosystem of cryptocurrency, if all goes according to plan. Japanese Ken Takashi, a former professional basketball player, ran on Change.org a campaign to collect signatures for to make Ripple (XRP) currency future competitions.

The petition of the snake collected 5725 signatures. For it to be considered, you must only 7500. Ken intends thereby to convey to the International Olympic Committee, the idea that cryptocurrency will be effective and relevant means of payment in the course of the Games, because Tokyo will gather people from all over the world. The petition States:

Amid the influx of tourists the need for the local currency increases dramatically. As a result, we are seeing huge queues at exchange offices, as it was in Beijing in 2008 and Rio de Janeiro in 2016. the Inconsistency in the exchange rate and the language barrier only compounds the problem.

According to Ken, the proposal contained in the petition, deserves attention because during the Olympics there traffic problems and failures in the work of other key services on the background of a mass congestion of people. He concludes:

We believe that high speed of transactions and security of cryptocurrency XRP from Ripple Lab will largely solve the above problems.

Ripple, its cryptocurrency and other projects now in the trend. We will remind that last week the company launched a new product XRapid that allows to reduce time of processing cross-border payments. This decision is intended to be an alternative to the SWIFT system.