The Ethereum network “quietly survive” without its founder, this statement was made by Vitaliy Buterin. And, it seems, the discussion of this topic does not idle. During the discussion on various issues, including support for projects altcoins based on Ethereum, October 5 Buterin tweeted:

I think the Ethereum quietly continue development if tomorrow I’m gone.

Answering the question of whether he plans to retire from active work in the framework of its project, Buterin replied, “already doing it”:

Moreover, a significant part of the developments carried Danny Ryan, Justin Drake, Xiao-Wei Wang and others.

Now continuing recession of the ether, he recently reached the lowest level in 15 months, falling below $170.

Despite the fact that the price of ether is generally consistent with the forecast made in the July Capital Tetras “bearish thesis” in recent years, the financial sector is optimistic: Weiss Ratings even stated that Ethereum will be able to take away from the bitcoin half of the market.

As written by the experts of this company last month, “success can be caused by the fact that Ethereum has more usage scenarios compared to bitcoin, and supports higher level. […] Unlike bitcoin, this “talent”, potential application scenarios of the ether is infinite.”

The development of Ethereum third-party players also continues, despite the decline in market activity. So, a few weeks ago Bitfinex team launched the target platform Ethfinex. Like Binance, Bitfinex considers the Ethereum as the Foundation for developing industry decentralized exchanges.

According to the materials Bitcoinist