American investors are tired of waiting launch regulated bitcoin ETF at home now have access to another no less significant instrument in the form of exchange-traded notes (ETN) on bitcoin on the Nasdaq Stockholm (NASDAQ OMX Nordic), the value of which is displayed in U.S. dollar. It is reported Bloomberg.

New product provided by XBT Provider and is trading under the Ticker CXBTF within One Bitcoin Tracker, which was launched in may 2015, but is still displayed only in Euro and Swedish Krona.

“Anyone who invests in dollars, can now also access these products, whereas previously they were only available for holders of Euro and Swedish kronor. Given the current regulatory climate in the U.S., this is a big win for bitcoin”, said Ryan Radloff, CEO of the British CoinShares Holdings Ltd, the parent company XBT Provider.

Thus, US resident investment account can now access the bitcoins, which they are still waiting in vain for ETFs in the country. The exchange notes are essentially Depository receipts and work around the same principle as ETFs.

As explained on the website XBT Provider, bitcoins are purchased with the money received through the sale of certificates. This ensures the hedging of certificates and what they are designed to track the bitcoin exchange rate. The certificates are guaranteed by Global Advisors (Jersey) Limited, the structure of which consists of CoinShares and XBT Provider.

Thus, the XBT Provider through a network of broker-dealers buy and store bitcoins for their customers, and the acquisition of ETN as a result becomes an indirect way of acquiring them.

We will remind, in June of 2017 XBT Provider has announced a partnership with Swiss company Xapo, which now provides a “cold storage” exchange of notes for bitcoin, traded on Nasdaq Stockholm.

In October of that year on the Nasdaq Stockholm appeared ETN that tracks the price of the second capitalization of the Ethereum cryptocurrency.