August 15, investors can take indirect purchase cryptocurrency with the purchase of US dollars exchange-traded notes (ETN) on bitcoins auctioned by the Swedish company XBT Provider AB, a subsidiary of British CoinShares Holdings Nasdaq Stockholm (NASDAQ OMX Nordic).

This capability amid expectations of a resolution of the situation with ETF in the US is particularly important, as if informed of the exchange notes for bitcoins could be bought for a Euro or Swedish Krona, the product is now One Bitcoin Tracker (Ticker CXBTF) became available to private investors from the United States. ETN as a debt instrument secured by the Issuer. Today XBT Provider manages assets of nearly $434 million: over $326 million in bitcoin and $108 million in Ethereum.

We will remind, in July it became known that the company Flow Traders NV with headquarters in Amsterdam, the first among public companies began to buy and sell the ETN based on bitcoin and Ethereum. Moreover, according XBT Provider, the volume of trade Flow Traders NV these securities in recent months has increased dramatically.