Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Foundation Buterin visited a small private event last week was held in San Francisco. Dealing with “crypto-Congressman” Jason Hu, Buterin shared his thoughts on privacy and the future of blockchain Ethereum and also commented on the story with a job offer from Google.

According to Buterin, he is actively working on protocols scalability, and “proof-of-stake” – the two main areas on which is now focused the research community Ethereum. The developers believe that the PoS, and scale is an important direction, and up to this point to improve the algorithms and further removal of restrictions was a lot of work.

Buterin when asked about the progress with regards to the Protocol, Casper, he enthusiastically shared the results of their work:

“I think the last time there were many frameworks for state-channels. The work on the Casper Protocol is very close to completion. He expects academic analysis.”

Buterin also expressed concern that the level of effective application of the blockchain at the moment is low. While many understand the value of cryptocurrency, the technology’s potential has not been fully. It is also concerned that the blockchain is not enough privacy and the effective ways of ensuring:

“At the moment, there are no good ways to use a blockchain in terms of preservation of privacy. There were good attempts to solve this problem, for example, using zcash for, as well as studies on the basis of Ethereum. However, there is still much to be done”.

During the meeting they also touched upon the problem of regulation. Although some small States (like Malta) try to create a friendly crypto-climate for traders and investors in the world to a common position yet on this issue was worked out. Buterin believes that the government should focus on finding ways that will encourage people to use cryptocurrency daily payments.

Buterin also noted that it is highly satisfied with the recent developments of the Ethereum – especially progress in relation to state-channels and technology Plasma. As for future plans, according to Buterin, their Foundation will work on the authorization properties of the scaling and the achievement of higher levels of consensus.

Of course, there were lots of questions with regards to the rumors that Google offered Buterin position in one of their secret projects.

“I hope we all understand that it was a joke. Some random HR from Google wrote me an e-mail, because the machine learning algorithm analyzed my GitHub and see my high scores at international Olympiads. Apparently I came up as a perfect candidate for the position of paid Intern”, – commented on the situation Buterin. Discuss current news and events on the Forum