Another portion of “newly printed” licenzirovanie Tether USD (USDT) received the purse the largest-volume bitcoin exchange Bitfinex.

Just sent $100,000,000 from the USDT tether reserve to Bitfinex! #USDT #Tether #Crypto

— Not Tether Backup Printer (@eurtprinter) September 2, 2018

It is noteworthy that previous similar transaction of the same amount was made less than two weeks ago, on August 21. Then it led to short-term market movements, which ended literally the next day.

Currently, the price of bitcoin, apparently trying again to test above $7400. The oscillator StochRSI exits from oversold, but the upward price movement is not backed by increase in trading volumes:

BTC/USD Bitfinex hourly chart

Some users consider the new issue Tether as a sort of very accurate technical indicator.

Does anyone else feel like this Tether transfer thing is a bit too obvious now? I mean it seems to have become a leading indicator for the next move for a lot of people lol. Could it really be that easy? Usually isn’t but who knows 🤷♂app

— Credible Crypto (@CredibleCrypto) September 2, 2018

…others are already building the optimistic short-term forecasts:

$100 MILL Tether incoming. $8,000 $BTC on the horizon for the upcoming week.

— WolfofCrypto (@bullishgentlemn) September 2, 2018

We will remind, earlier Bitfinex was suspected of market manipulation due to the fact that technical problems on the platform coincided with the date of expiration bitcoin-futures exchange CME.

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