15-year-old hacker, Salim Rashid has published in his Twitter a video of breaking “unbreakable” crypto wallet Bitfi from John McAfee, removing any remaining questions about the security of the store. An hour later, representatives Bitfi announced that the company has hired experienced expert on cyber security and shut down the bounty program. The latest expected reward in the amount of 250 thousand dollars to the hacker, hack the wallet. This writes Cointelegraph.

John McAfee presented a purse Bitfi at the end of July. After a week 15-year-old programmer Salim Rashid, along with OverSoft hacker gained access to the device.

What’s wrong with a purse Bitfi from McAfee

However, the entrepreneur refused to pay the promised 250 thousand dollars for the discovery of vulnerabilities, accusing programmers of fraud. After that, Rashid was able to install the purse the game Doom 2, but these results did not convince the employees of McAfee.

Bill Powell of @Bitfi6 discussing the single assumption upon which the entirety of @Bitfi6”s ridiculous UNHACKABLE claim lies

could you even IMAGINE if this assumption was proved false?https://t.co/gdVg32Hhzupic.twitter.com/pn07hAf2uP

— Saleem “Unhackable” Rashid (@spudowiar) August 30, 2018

Now the company told of hiring a professional on cyber security, which discovered the vulnerability in the purse and are already working on them.

Because the problem was discovered we have hired an employee, we close our rewards program. Thank you researchers for your work!

A little later, the staff removed the word “immune” from the branding of the product.

Not surprisingly, with this approach the purse he received the award for Lamest Vendor Response, which is presented annually for the worst products in the field of cybersecurity. The act will affect the reputation of the entrepreneur — it is unlikely that after this he would be considered one of the most respected experts in kriptonyte.