It seems that the fork in the network BCash can not be avoided because of the contradictions between the groups of the Bitcoin Bitcoin ABC and SV continue to increase.

Statement on Cash Forking Bitcoin — Bitcoin-SV (BSV)

— CoinEx (@coinexcom) September 1, 2018.

The thing is that Craig Wright is configured to implement an original concept Satoshi (Satoshi Vision), hence the name Bitcoin SV. Perhaps that is why the project is gaining more followers.

For example, yesterday the exchange CoinEx announced support for the new Bitcoin scriptactive SV (BSV), which is a modified version of protocols BCash. With high probability we can say that BSV will be a fork of BCash, which, by virtue of incompatibility with the original network can be considered a new cryptocurrency with the Ticker BSV.

Being secure cryptocurrency platform, which ensures maximum protection of client assets, the exchange will take the following precautions stated in the official message:

1. At the time of the fork cryptocurrency BSV will come onto your account in the ratio of 1:1 to BCH based on a snapshot of the blockchain.

2. After the fork for CoinEx we start shopping a couple of BSV/BCH that will allow you to buy or sell BSV.

3. CoinEx will not support deposits and withdrawals bsv as long as the network and the wallet will not begin to work steadily.

The exchange also cautions users about the features and problems concerning the lack of Bitcoin-SV (SV) the protection against double spending, that is able to make chaos in the network BCash, causing the loss of assets users.

Along with this mining pool Via CoinEx BTC and declare their readiness to protect the assets of users for the BCH to translate what is recommended on the stock exchange up to a potential fork.

CoinEx guarantee 100% security of funds and accurate calculation of the BSV and will publish further details on its website.

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