Cloud platform Microsoft Azure has added to the list of decentralized applications the English product startup Stratis Group. The new program is a platform for the ICO issuing and selling tokens for the “internal” currency Strat or BTC.

To facilitate a wide range of users involved in crudele, developers Stratis embedded in the application service Changelly that converts Fiat to bitcoin transfers.

Integration of applications into the Microsoft Azure platform means a direct connection of the brand with ICO, this decision was preceded by long negotiations, in which the developers of the product managed to prove that they will not allow a Scam.
Scammers are clipped in Stratis at the stage of verification of the identity of the organizers of krautsalat on the system of KYC and further testing on the bases of law enforcement agencies for participation in the laundering transactions or suspicious fraud.

Monitoring the activities of the company that issued the token, is carried out continuously by using a smart contract Onfido, analyzing financial risks, and handling costs.

Such measures are intended to protect investors continue to show great interest in ICO. The proof is krausel Tron held at the site Binance Launchpad for a few seconds.

ICO is now banned in many countries, the authorities plan to “regulate” the industry, closing it for normal users, which greatly limits the ability to attract funding for many projects. Microsoft Azure and Stratis is not planning to impose any restrictions on the amount or participation opportunities, the platform is aimed only at atired and antiscam.