Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange this Monday reported that U.S. authorities returned her 27,66270285 BTC which were stolen in a hacker attack in August 2016 and later seized by American law enforcement. Total loss Bitfinex from this attack was almost 120000 BTC or $72 million at the exchange rate at the time.

It gives us great pleasure to report we have received bitcoins from the U.S. government that were proceeds of the 2016 security breach. In line with our original recovery plan, this is being converted to USD and paid to holders RRT.

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— Bitfinex (@bitfinex) February 25, 2019

“Since described in detail hacking in 2016 Bitfinex cooperated with international law enforcement agencies. In November 2018 Bitfinex has informed that the authorities of the United States was bitcoin, which, as expected, was kidnapped in 2016,” writes the stock exchange, without elaborating on the details of the operation.

The resulting Bitfinex bitcoin convert to USD, which will be transferred to the holders of tokens RRT. After the break in accordance with the original compensation plan to the accounts of the victims of this attack were enrolled debt tokens BFX, which the exchange has successfully paid for 8 months. In addition, users were offered the opportunity to convert tokens in BFX available for sale tokens RRT. The funds lost during the attack and restored later, as in the case described are listed in favor of the holders of RRT.

Thus, the market rate of RRT, in fact, is a reflection of investors ‘ expectations related to the likelihood of a return of the stolen cryptocurrency. Amid news that the rate of RRT in tandem with the dollar has risen by 2 times – from $0.035 – $0,07.

“After 2 years since the break-in platform Bitfinex, we see the results in a clear and reliable response strategies and actions of the American authorities. With great joy we compensate the losses of traders who remained loyal to us and believed in us in this difficult time,” said Finance Director Giancarlo Bitfinex Devasiri, thanking law enforcement for their work. Discuss current news and events on the Forum