BTCUSD: After, frankly, short of testing the $4000 resistance most altcoins fell significantly, diminished in value about 10%. Throughout extreme weeks this fall was preceded by a systematic increase from $$3500 -$3600. Technically, no MACD, no Alligator signs of reversal, including divergence is not observed, so it is logical to expect continuation of the trend after the correction movement, therefore it is recommended to open short positions either currently or at the re-bounce from $4000 resistance that will be more reliable sell signal.

LTCUSD: Litecoin showed stronger dynamics as a percentage, falling on Sunday by 20%. The reason of this reduction, in our view, was the almost continuous growth since February 14. It is possible that this impulse is nothing but the correction is on the way to higher goals, if you look at large time frames. Proof of this can be, and Alligator, and MACD is indicating an upward trend, despite the decline in 1/5 of the value of the coin. However, as there is a possibility of further decline, so we recommend to get in long position only after a bounce from the nearby support, in our case it is $36.

ETHUSD: Ethereum, like the rest of the coins, was demonstrating the bearish dynamics of the weekend and continues to fall in price on Monday. In General, the principle of opening new positions on the coin can be left the same as on Lateline. Technically, the coin is on the daily timeframe shows a sideways trend, and the rebound from $157 resistance we observe is not the first time, so, in our opinion, buying on the bounce from $116 to more than justified.