According to Forbes, the platform LedgerX engaged in trading and clearing, has launched a new Deposit product for bitcoin, a licensed U.S. Commission on commodity futures trading (CFTC).

This product LedgerX has received two licenses CFTC license of the clearing centre for the derivatives and the license swap exchange.

“Everything we do requires both of those licenses. And much of this is planned in advance, because this complex transaction we can offer our customers a variety of services in a clear, vertically integrated form”, – said the chief operating officer of LedgerX Utica Chow.

The license allows users to earn income from their bitcoin assets, and not just to own bitcoin and hope that its rate will rise. This is done using technology”, overrate” when an investor puts BTC on Deposit in LedgerX, and then later sells a call option to your bitcoins at a higher strike price.

The project is designed to allow the trading of bitcoin options to the most simple format so that even the “less sophisticated” traders, the bulls could receive the option premium from their bitcoin assets. The interface allows users to select the implied rate they expect to earn, and the number of bitcoins they want to generate income.

According to Forbes, over the last three months 70% of the volume of trading on LedgerX had options, and the average size of the transaction amounted to 60 thousand dollars. The option contracts will be available in 3-month and 6-month options. For each of these services LedgerX will charge a Commission.