Initially miner z-enemy supported only Protocol X16R, then he received the support of X16S, but, it seems, with the further development of this program developers are going to not only improve performance but also to add support for new protocols and crypto-currencies.

So, with the release of z-enemy 1.09 a has added support protocols Xevan and Vitality, and more fresh 1.09 b added Protocol Tribus and increased productivity of the miner by about 10% due to optimization. It is also worth noting various stability improvements, bug fixes, and other contrivances for the convenience of users. With version 1.09 a also introduced support for backup pools for mining (you just need to add them to the command line, not forgetting the user name and password).

At the moment, can be called z-miner 1.09 b more of a test release, besides the binaries are available for Windows only. Version 1.09 a is available in a version for Linux.

Recall that miner z-enemy — is software with closed source, designed for Nvidia graphics cards that support CUDA 9.1, and the Commission to 1%. However, no matter what, z-enemy remains one of the best choices for the production of coins, especially RavenCoin.