Tehran considers a promising direction for the use of cryptocurrencies for leaving under the influence of the dollar, said the head of the Commission of economic Affairs of the Islamic consultative Assembly (Parliament) of Iran Mohammad Reza’s Parabrahma.

“The last two years raised important issues about the use of cryptocurrencies. This is one of the good ways to bypass the use of the dollar and the SWIFT system. We ordered the Central Bank in Iran that they have already begun to develop proposals for the use of cryptocurrencies”,

he said at a meeting with the head of the Federation Council Committee on economic policy Dmitry Mezentsev.

According to him, the day before he discussed this issue in the state Duma Committee on economic policy. “They share our opinion. We said that if we manage to promote this work, we will be the first country that use cryptocurrency in the exchange of goods”, — said Parabrahma.

He also touched on the subject of US withdrawal from the nuclear deal, noting that Iran has fulfilled all its obligations under the agreement. “The United States is not only not fulfilled their obligations, but also put pressure on other countries. Therefore, the Islamic Republic of Iran will have to go their way to defend their legitimate rights on economic issues”, — said Parabrahma.

For its part Mezentsev noted the importance of development of interbank cooperation between Russia and Iran. According to Mezentsev, the Russian side lays great hopes on the meeting of the interbank working group on interbank and financial cooperation, which will be held in Tehran on 5 July.