The Central Bank of Iran (CBI) proposes to prohibit payments digital currencies that have not received approval. It is reported by CoinDesk, citing a document the CBI.

According to him, cryptococal can be used only for storing and transferring cryptocurrencies and integrate them with any services that apply cryptocurrency payments.

The Central Bank of Iran does not intend to deny citizens the possession of cryptocurrencies and transfer them to small amounts. However, the regulator may set a limit on scriptactive by analogy with the prohibition of the storage amounts to more than 10 million euros out of Bank accounts.

What cryptocurrencies CBI may approve, the document is not reported, but the source CoinDesk argues that one of them just will not be bitcoin. The list of permitted scriptaction the regulator intends to review every three months.

The CBI document is the initial draft and reportedly will be discussed at the conference on electronic banking and payment systems, which will be held in Tehran this week. The representatives of kriptonyte countries suggested that harsh measures against cryptocurrency can be undertaken to protect the national currency — Rial. In addition, earlier it was reported about the development of Iran’s national cryptocurrency, which can be presented at the same conference.