Staff analysis project, Elementus, who earlier praised the hacking crypto currency exchange Cryptopia $16 million in Ethereum, and tokens of the standard ERC-20, reported that, according to them, the attack on the site continues. On January 28 from 17 thousand wallets of users on Cryptopia address 0x3b46c790ff408e987928169bd1904b6d71c00305 was derived more 1675 ETH $180 thousand.

Suffered as new 1948 cryptocell that were started by users after the start of hacking and 5240, which attackers have already stolen funds – after their regular replenishment of the users. Then the funds were transferred to the address 0xaa923cd02364bb8a4c3d6f894178d2e12231655c previously identified as belonging to the hackers.

Thus, according to Elementus, Cryptopia has lost access to the private keys of users, but hackers. However, the users of the crypto currency exchange – mainly mining pools – continue to place funds probably in automatic mode.

Recall that the New Zealand police began their investigation of the hack, put in priority the return of stolen customer funds.