According to research the blockchain startup Fluence Network, the vast majority of decentralized applications (DApps) are based on the platform Ethereum. This is reported Trustnodes.

87% of apps are using the Ethereum blockchain, 19% built on the EOS, and 8% work on the basis of the Tron. 6% of apps in their systems use both, and 4% all three.

In January 2019 Ethereum is still in the lead as the basis for DApps

Researchers Fluence Network reported, and other interesting information. So, 72% of all decentralized has been running for 2018. Most of them (60%) based on the excess, 16% use the funds raised via the ICO; 18% of projects funded by venture investors.

To integrate with Ethereum 63% decentralized applications use the services of infrastructure provider Infura, processing billions of daily queries.

Recall hardwork Constantinople in Ethereum is scheduled for February 27.