Promoters of fraudulent cryptocurrency project Bitconnect was robbed by the investor, whom they had previously persuaded to invest in their pyramid. According to local newspaper The Times Of India citing a statement of the criminal investigation Department of the country (CID), swindled investors took the intruders 2000 BTC.

Bitconnect Indian branch in Gujarat was ruled by three promoter – Diyash Dari, Satish Kombani and Dhaval of Mawani. They guaranteed investors a “very high yield” companies and “daily profit 1,1%”, as well as additional interest for most large investors.

However, in December 2017, when the company was unable to pay the money to one of the investors named Shailesh Bhatt, recently merged with eight other persons and took away Dhavala mavani of 2000 bitcoins. A month later, Bhatt was detained. 12 BTC, the police found his nephew Nikunj.

Detainees claimed that the organizers of the pyramid Bitconnect was explained by the high profitability of the enterprise (up to 365% per year) that allegedly “used a special software that calculates the lowest and the highest point of bitcoins”.

It is noted that the branches Bitconnect has also worked in Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore and the USA.

“We have identified several accounts associated with transactions of this project and have informed the respective banks”, – said the employee of the CID.

It is expected that the seized bitcoins will be exchanged into Indian rupees and put in storage in the Reserve Bank of India.

We will remind, in April the Central Bank of India has imposed a ban on the cryptocurrency transactions for financial institutions. A day later, 18 thousand people in the country have signed a petition against this policy of the financial regulator.