An unnamed developer solutions in the field of financial technologies filed a lawsuit against the Telegram the founder for the alleged theft of technology for one of the services that they develop for the platform. About it writes RIA Novosti with reference to the statement of the plaintiff, has addressed in Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow.

The plaintiff alleges that the command Telegram has assigned the development of technology, which she demonstrated at a closed meeting.

“In may 2018, the defendant announced the development of cryptospora copying functionality, the interface and operation of a unique product, developed by our team. This product is almost identical to our application, which was submitted to the Respondent on a private demonstration on 1 February 2018, while the author of the illegal product is listed as “command Telegram” controlled by the defendant”, — reads the statement of claim.

As noted by RIA Novosti, the lawsuit filed by Telegram, and personally Pavel Durov. The plaintiff is motivated by the fact that the decisions it takes.

The developer claims that he spent about 800 000 euros for the creation of the program and requests to recognize her copyright, and are required Durov “to stop the violation of these rights.”

Earlier it became known that the platform TON, Telegram of funding which raised $1.7 billion through the ICO, will be integrated with the Telegram service Passport, which will allow it to identify their users and to move away from anonymity of cryptocurrency payments.