American startup Stronghold, in partnership with the technology giant IBM, is launching a USD token Anchor that will work on the basis of Stellar blockchain and use your consensus mechanism to validate transactions.

The token will be tied to the US dollar at a ratio of one to one. Means for cryptocurrency, will be stored in a trust company called Prime Trust, which, in turn, will Deposit the money in banks is insured by the Federal Deposit insurance Corporation (FDIC).

IBM is going to introduce different applications of token USD Anchor, including for cross-border payments in the form of remittances and small transactions on foreign exchanges.

Jesse Lund (Jesse Lund), head of development of blockchain is for financial institutions to IBM:

“Stable cryptocurrency is now available for institutional clients and IBM is committed to put it into circulation as soon as possible. I think by the end of the year some of the decisions that IBM supports in the framework of this project will become a reality”.

Lund also noted that the project has a certain similarity with the Tether, the Issuer licenzirovanie $ USDT, but unlike the last Anchor USD is FDIC insurance coverage, which gives investors the confidence that the tokens USD Anchor is fully secured.

We will remind, in late June, the Tether has issued licenzirovanie dollars USDT $250 million Previously, the company has twice issued the tokens: 300 million in March, 250 million in may.

Yesterday it became known that IBM and Columbia University have created a new research center for educational initiatives and support application development in the field of blockchain technology.