Bitcoin price in the coming years could reach $40 million, as its use continues to expand and becomes easier to trade, says billionaire investor mark Lasry (Marc Lasry).

“As soon as he gets more into the mainstream, and, in the end, there are more markets that allow them to trade, and where he is traded freely, for me bitcoin is more likely rate”, — he said in a live CNBC.

Mark Lasry is the co-founder and CEO of the investment company Avenue Capital Group, which manages assets of $9.6 billion in addition, he owns shares in the NBA “Milwaukee Bucks”.

In December last year Lasry expressed regret that have not bought bitcoin a few years ago when it was worth $300. Now, according to the billionaire, cryptocurrency invested 1% of its personal funds, in the portfolio of his company, such investments not.

According to Lasry, of all cryptocurrencies greatest benefit to investors that will enjoy bitcoin.

“The reason I like bitcoin — it is what everything will come,” said mark Lasry.

Earlier, billionaire Tim Draper (Tim Draper) confirmed its forecast that by 2022 the bitcoin will be worth $250 thousand, and explained why it happens.