China has seen explosive growth companies in the official names with the word “blockchain”. Since the beginning of 2018, their number has increased six times compared with last year – from 555 to 3078. Writes about this edition of South China Morning Post.

According to government data, only in China was more than 4 thousand companies, the title of which the word “blockchain”. For comparison, in the U.S. there are 817 such companies, and in the UK – 335.

Despite the skeptical attitude of the Chinese authorities to cryptocurrencies, the development of blockchain solutions they are interested. So, 49% of the total number of patents in 2017, related to a distributed registry that accounted for by China. In General, for 2017 on the implementation of blockchain solutions in their activities, said 16.6 thousand Chinese companies.

In addition, in April in Hangzhou was opened blockchain governmental Fund at $1.6 billion, and in may, the authorities have developed national standards for this technology.

Recall that in late 2017 stock of bottled iced tea and lemonade Long Island Iced Tea has grown three times after the addition of the word “blockchain” in the name of the company.