The DigiByte development team began testing a new technology that resets the hashing algorithm every ten days. Thus a startup tries to resist ASIC miners.

“We’re proud to announce that we started testing mining technology of the new generation. Imagine a hashing algorithm that reconfigures itself every 10 days? To do this, it is impossible to create ASIC,” said the company.

The developers of DigiByte believe that in this way it is possible to make the network more secure cryptocurrencies and decentralized.

We are proud to announce we are testing the next generation of #blockchain mining technology. Imagine a mining algorithm that recreates itself every 10 days? No #ASIC could ever be created for it. True #Decentralized #ProofOfWork #CyberSecurity

— DigiByte (@DigiByteCoin) November 8, 2018

Twitter account DigiByte

According to Coinmarketcap, capitalization DigiByte (DGB) is $224 million, Aldon is in 39th place in the list of the largest cryptocurrencies.

We will remind, in July in China was disclosed by the hacker group, developing and implementing malware for covert mining on the users ‘ computers. As a result, this equipment within two years produced for attackers, a total of 26 million tokens DigiByte, Decred and Siacoin. Mining these altcoins does not require significant computing power, which reduced the probability of detecting victims of covert mining on their devices.