Canadian Bank VersaBank has completed beta-testing project VersaVault the creation of a digital safe Deposit boxes.

VersaBank is a fully online Bank. He plans to provide cryptocurrency exchanges and investment funds virtual safes, the so-called safe-Deposit boxes, where they could safely store their digital assets. According to the representative VersaBank, the Bank has already received more than 200 queries about VersaVault.

“At that time, as most are only considering the possibility of establishing a digital safe Deposit boxes, which we have developed. And now we are engaged in commercialization of first-of-a-kind service that will provide our clients with absolute confidentiality, using the most advanced security technologies and authentication in the world,” — said the head of the Bank David Taylor (David Taylor).

VersaBank, founded in 1980, has no physical offices, and customer service is carried out exclusively online. The Bank mainly provides escrow services. The idea is to create a service VersaBank told last January, and in March an agreement was signed with two customers for beta. One of these customers, the company has become a cryptocurrency exchange, and the other investment Fund. On the project also worked with the company Gurpreet Sahota, who last worked on the development of the internal structure and external interfaces of the products of the manufacturer of the Blackberry smartphones.

“Bitcoin and other digital currencies are quickly gaining popularity. Their owners have felt in my own experience how easy it can easily disappear their valuable stocks of the unsafe digital repositories”, — explained the representatives of the VersaBank, presenting the project.

In recent years the market has seen more proposals for the storage of cryptocurrency funds. In September, U.S. regulators gave permission to run custodial services for storing the digital assets of the company BitGo.