The traditional Saturday review of the recent initiatives of the blockchain such areas of application, such as digital identification, education and combating counterfeits in the market hardware.

IBM and Seagate uses the blockchain for combating producers of counterfeit hardware

Where: USA
In what area: production hardware
Goal: preventing the spread of counterfeit hardware
Who is involved: IBM, Seagate Technology PLC
Technology used: IBM Blockchain Platform on the basis of the framework Hyperledger Fabric
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Link: press release

Deloitte and Attest uses the blockchain in the field of digital identification

Where: USA
In what area of digital identification
The purpose: development of appropriate state requirements solutions in the field of digital identity for clients Deloitte
Who is involved: Deloitte Global, Inc Attest.
Technology used: own development Attest
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Link: press release

The government of Thailand uses the blockchain to combat tax evasion

Where: Thailand
In what area of the tax system
Purpose: tracking of tax payments and the fight against evasion
Who is: the state revenue Department of Thailand
Technology used: unknown
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Reference: Bangkok Post

Indian oil conglomerate Reliance Industries made use of the blockchain for trading transactions

Where: India
In what area: export trade
Purpose: increase of efficiency of trading operations on digital platforms
Who deals: Reliance Industries Ltd, Tricon Energy, India, HSBC, ING Bank
Used technology: blockchain platform Corda
Estimated date of implementation: implemented
Link: press release

CargoSmart will create the blockchain-a consortium of ocean carriers and terminal operators

Where: Hong Kong
In what area: Maritime logistics
Goal: improving the efficiency of supply chains by ensuring data exchange between Maritime carriers, terminal operators, customs authorities, logistics service providers
Who is: CargoSmart, CMA CGM, COSCO SHIPPING Lines, Evergreen Marine, OOCL, Yang Ming, DP World, Hutchison Ports, PSA International Pte Ltd, Shanghai International Port Co Ltd.
Technology used: Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service
Estimated date of implementation: December 2018
Link: press release

US citizens used blockchain-based voting in the midterm elections in Congress

Where: USA
In what areas: electoral processes
Purpose: to simplify the voting process for citizens living abroad
Who’s involved: government of West Virginia, Inc VOATZ.
Technology used: the application Voatz
Estimated date of implementation: implemented
Link: Washington Post

Belarus made use of the blockchain for transactions-guarantees

Where: Belarus
In what area banks
Goal: acceleration of calculations, optimization of work and workflow
Who is involved: savings Bank, Raiffeisenbank, Mozyr
Technology used: unknown
Estimated date of implementation: implemented
Reference: Onliner

Shinsei Bank and Nippon Wealth involves decentralized applications from ConsenSys to create new products

Where: Japan
In what area banks
Goal: creation of new banking products
Who is: Shinsei Bank, Nippon Wealth, ConsenSys
Technology used: dApp-development ConsenSys
Estimated date of implementation: unknown
Link: press release (1) press release (2)

Universities and the Malaysian government is leveraging the blockchain for storage of diplomas

Where: Malaysia
In what area: education
Goal: the fight against fake diplomas
Who is: a consortium of Malaysian universities and the Ministry of education
Technology used: Protocol NEM
Estimated date of implementation: launch of the initiative took place on 10 November 2018
Link: press release

Barclays and another 14 banks have joined the test blockchain platforms for DTCC credit derivatives

Where: USA
In what area clearing operations with derivative financial instruments
Objective: cost optimization in the implementation clearing and settlement of transactions with credit derivatives.
Those involved in: DTCC, Barclays, and 14 unnamed banks
Used technology: developing IBM Axoni, R3
Estimated date of implementation: the phase of open testing is scheduled for the end of the year
Link: press release

This week ForkLog reported that:

  • IBM patent the blockchain system to determine the boundaries of augmented reality
  • Banking giant BBVA for the first time made a record of the loan of $150 million in the blockchain Ethereum
  • Salesforce has patented an anti-spam solution on the blockchain
  • Companies refuse of the term “blockchain” to “DLT”

Also ForkLog published an article on the prospects of Graphene technology and the challenges of the blockchain 3.0.