Still, it is important to agree on concepts. There are two terms — “democracy” and “decentralization”. That shows an example of TRON? In the migration process these amount of cryptocoins on a private blockchain cryptocurrency founder Justin San came up to start the elections to the governing bodies of the network. All managers should be 27. While the chosen 11 and the San is already guaranteed to itself 12-e a place. To win the ballot had to have at least 100 million votes, and he at the end of the work week was 120.

San briefly commented on his new appointment, noting that “to shoulder a large burden on his back”. The process of its appearance, the founder of TRON, as one of the validators of a network does not seem to Sana’a something wrong: as he wrote on 18 July, “voting is one of the building blocks of the Foundation of the ecosystem TRON and gives meaning to our mission, focused on the principles of democracy and decentralization”. Meanwhile, such a step may lead to the recognition of the amount of cryptocoins TRON securities.

Recall that the American Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) spoke about bitcoin and ether, saying that they (at least currently) are not considered securities, while the status of all other cryptocurrencies remains in question. Why, even in the first two amount of cryptocoins such a solution is not guaranteed?

Just look how about the centralization of air wrote to the CEO of crypto currency exchange Binance Chanpen Zhao, answering the hard passage of the founder of air against centralized ciptofloxacin. And not only Zhao clearly showed that the same air is not decentralized, and therefore must be recognized as a valuable paper: the same was said a cryptanalyst Kevin pam, who considers centralized and litecoin.

What can we say about XRP, about 60% of which belongs to its parent organization, Ripple, and investors are trying to prove in the courts that these kryptonite — securities. Given this situation, Justin San, even as just one of several managing network TRON should understand, creating a risk of recognition of the cryptocurrency security. This means that trade will be possible only in isolated sites, where it is allowed to trade these tokens.

By the way, the San some time worked as the chief representative of the Ripple in China and knows that even the slightest hint of centralization of cryptocurrency, the interests of which he then defended the lead to the fact that investors are gradually beginning to consider it a valuable paper. It is possible that this path leads San and TRON, but why is it necessary?

Vladislav Ginko, economist, expert at the Russian public service Academy at the President of the Russian Federation, especially for Coinspot