The city Council of Liverpool will use the blockchain to reduce the climate impacts of the urban environment.

Visit companies on Twitter there was a message about the partnership with “a leading digital eco-company” Poseidon Foundation as part of the programme, which planned to transform Liverpool into “the world’s first city of a favorable climate by 2020”.

In particular, it is assumed that a transparent platform based on a distributed registry will effectively control carbon emissions, tracking their level. The program will be implemented through a system of licenzirovanie carbon credits that will have to buy businesses that exceed established limits of emissions. Therefore, the City Council of Liverpool is going to compensate more than 110% of carbon emissions. The pilot phase of the program will last 1 year.

As one of the benchmarks to achieve the ultimate goal of the challenge is to reduce climate impact by 40% by 2030. It should be noted that the city has already installed 15 000 energy-efficient led street lights on a 2000 streets — so the municipality plans to reduce energy consumption for purposes of street lighting by 82%. In addition, the city has for some time fights carbon emissions: in 2012 their number decreased by 558 000 tonnes.

“Technology Poseidon is the first of its kind solution for governments, businesses and individuals around the world able to reverse the causes of climate change, and I am very pleased that this agreement will give advanced technology to our city,” said mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson (Joe Anderson).

Note, Poseidon Foundation is a non — profit organization with headquarters in Malta, which specializiruetsya on the use of blockchain technology in the field of forest conservation. The company has already completed successful testing of its platform in cooperation with the ice cream producer Ben & Jerry’s.

According to the publication, Liverpool Express, the Poseidon will temporarily move the headquarters to Liverpool to play a key role in the new strategy of the city authorities in maintaining a favorable climate. In particular, the organization will work with universities, businesses and schools to create educational programs on climate impact, which should contribute to achieving targets to reduce carbon emissions by 40% by 2030.

According to Joe Anderson, some progress in this direction has been achieved, but the collaboration with Poseidon marks an opportunity “to explore brand new ways to do more.”

It is noteworthy that Poseidon is already working with another Liverpool company BAC Mono, which is developing the world’s first car, offering new standards in respect of impact on climate.

Commenting on the agreement with the City Council of Liverpool, founder and CEO of Poseidon Girich Laszlo (Laszlo Giricz) noticed that this is the first time “the city will use the blockchain to go beyond restoring the balance of your carbon footprint, becoming a leader in the fight against climate change.”

“Liverpool is a pioneer and shining example for other cities in the UK and around the world that can be achieved when using technology to solve one of the major problems facing humanity,” said Poseidon CEO.

We will remind, the project “smart city”, including some aspects of the control of climate, is implemented on Taiwan, while the launch of a whole range of services for these cities in February, Nokia announced.

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