On 19 July, the number of active channels Lightning Network (LN) in the network of bitcoin exceeded 10,000. Since February, this figure has increased 10 times.


mainnet has reached 10,000 active channels!https://t.co/sJohipLfV2 #Lightning #LN #bitcoin $BTC pic.twitter.com/9jNzWaVjmt

— Lightning Network statistics ⚡ (@LNstats) July 19, 2018

According to official statistics, based on search and Analytics engine 1ml.com at the moment the network of bitcoin listed 10 138 Lightning channels. Over the past 30 days, their number grew by 62.6 per cent.

The bandwidth of LN over the past month increased by 321%, 21 Jul reached a record 100 BTC.


mainnet BTC has reached 100 capacity!
(+288% in a month!)https://t.co/sJohipLfV2 #Lightning #LN #bitcoin $BTC pic.twitter.com/PJ9ICtkfVO

— Lightning Network statistics ⚡ (@LNstats) July 21, 2018

Recall that Lightning Network allows you to make transactions through the payment channels outside the blockchain and is a promising long-term solution to the congestion of the network of bitcoin.

Test network Lightning became available in late December. In March Lightning Labs has released a beta version of the client lnd for the main bitcoin network, and in April in Google Play appeared first LN-wallet.