Leading bitcoin company Blockchain announced today, June 28, on the launch of the Blockchain Principal Strategies (BPS) – institutional platform for organizations, companies of the trust’s family office and individual investors, offering market access, research data and services in the field of digital currencies.

We’re thrilled to debut our institutional investment platform, the Blockchain Principal Strategies! With BPS, clients will have access to an over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk, a customized portfolio view, as well as exclusive insights https://t.co/Rj0LpjXmrY pic.twitter.com/HhPK9WGnpR

— Blockchain (@blockchain) 28 June 2018

“We are happy to launch the Blockchain Principal Strategies. The platform offers clients the possibility of investment in digital assets with the same level of peace and security that has become synonymous with the name of our company,” said co-founder and CEO of Blockchain’s Peter Smith.

As noted in the message, using the BPS will have access to highly liquid service OTC trading digital currencies (OTC), headed by a team of professionals who have backgrounds in large organisations such as Cooley, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and UBS.

In addition, the new platform will offer clients the Blockchain customized investment portfolio, exclusive information and analytical materials about the fundamental principles of the market, risk assessment and access to information the research team under the management of a leading cryptocurrency economist Garrick of Heilman.

Clients Blockchain will be able to choose from a range of investment proposals, including the possibility of direct investment in share capital of promising companies in the growing ecosystem of digital currencies. Another proposal is in early access to sales token, carefully select our specialists.

Earlier today, Blockchain has launched the process of migrating services, is located on blockchain.info including cryptocurrency wallets of the users to the main domain of the company blockchain.com. Also presented were the updated design of the website of the company.