Capitalization is not significantly changed, because it is not necessary to expect sharp splash in consumer activity. Leading ten cryptocurrencies as of 19:00 MSK predominantly in the red. However, during the day, the changes were minimal. The biggest loss at the EOS – 1,6%, and in the black is Stellar Lumens +2.08 per cent.


Quotes are hammered in a tight range. Usually this situation occurs quite sharply. Don’t think I’ll be able to react in the moment and to open a breakthrough trade and “hands” only if You don’t follow quotes permanent. There as a sharp exit down to the level of $5930 and the increase to $6246.


Buy in the breakdown of up to $436 with a target of $446 and sale for 10$ down the rebound from the level of $436 “South.” I can’t tell how such a scenario could be implemented for Ethereum in the framework of low volatility trading. However, if you will take the breakout of the downtrend up, this is a reason to expect a moderate recovery of the asset. But if we see the achievement of $426, not ruling out a bigger drop.


Buy only if the price strengthens above $8,1280. Sale aktualisierte at the break down level of $7,62. Yes, today/tomorrow to trade this asset will take down this wide range. Let appear a strong player that has become clear in which way can powerfully open position.


We are working out a $161,6. For open positions within the day to monitor price action at this support. There is the potential for profit 4,9-5,9%.


For Monero operate on the level of $134 and $128. While this range we need to open the transaction. Purchase: rebound up from the level of $128 and break up $134. For sale: break-down $128 and hang down from $134.

Maria Salnikova, an independent currency strategist, especially for CoinSpot
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