Korean Bithumb crypto currency exchange attacked by hackers last week, said that its experts managed to recover some of the stolen assets in the amount of $14 million. All the attackers stole cryptocurrency with a total value of 35 billion won or $31 million.

The burglary occurred June 20. One version of what could have triggered the attack, was the displacement of native and custom tools exchange cold wallet. TechCrunch suggested that customers Bithumb may suspect the company in the internal fraud related to tax liabilities. On the same day appeared first assumption about what assets and digital currencies become the target of hackers.

This information Bithumb also published today. The list includes 11 items; most of the stolen amount of bitcoin; the exchange rate at the time of writing their value exceeded $12 240 000. Hackers interested and popular oldoini: 2219 ETH, 692 BCH and 5.2 million XRP, and the estimated value of $963 445, $482 324 and $2.4 million, respectively. The full list is as follows:

Asset Number Course to $ 28.06 at 20:00 (GMT)
BCH 692 700.51
BTC 2016 6124.79
ETH 2219 437.78;
ETHOS 42.700 1.39
ELF 409.962 0.54
GNT 1.015.090 0.3
HSR 6240 4.65
KNC 50.000 0.82
OMG 300 7.18
VEN 420 2.59
XRP 5.227.490 0.46

In their statement, the representatives of the exchange also underlined that the recovery process continues, and the full resumption of the exchange of services will only happen at the end. In addition, representatives Bithumb briefly spoke about the two compensation mechanisms: the ransom with the help of free coupons (issued once a day, starting today) and a single airdrop one token (in number, at a cost equivalent to the loss of users).

Recall that Bithumb decided to indemnify its customers. In tracing and recovering stolen funds and other exchanges.

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