November 1, celebrating five years since joining today, bitcoin exchange to your mailing list reported that makes it mandatory the verification of users.

In the letter, the exchange States that from the very beginning it sought to ensure that the proposed services would meet the “highest standards of traditional financial companies.” Following this, says that in its activities it focuses on “transparency, security, and compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements,” strictly adheres to the policy “know your customer” (KYC), and developed “an effective procedure for regulatory compliance”.

“Because we want to bring our business to an even higher level, which would meet the requirements of traditional financial institutions, we are forced to make the verification procedure is obligatory”, — says the exchange.

Thus, in order to be able to use, users will need to pass the verification. This procedure, says the exchange will be very simple and understandable, and will be available through the mobile app.

According to the manual on the website of the stock exchange, in addition to personal data (copies of documents and proof of address), users will be prompted to bind to your account accounts in social networks. Despite the fact that this option is not mandatory, it is said, “will increase the chances of successful verification”.

Also provides enhanced corporate levels and that, as they say, will give priority in applying to support and increase limits on withdrawals.

The exchange also assures that all user data is protected with advanced encryption methods.

Note that at the moment takes 70th place in the ranking of the exchanges CoinMarketCap, determined by the daily volume of transactions. In the last 24 hours the figure on the platform was $10,188 million, falling during this period by more than 5%.

Recall that in early October the exchange announced the return of the listing Litecoin (LTC).