A citizen of China, who managed in 2015 by blackmail to get bitcoins 2099 (currently the cost is $13.5 million), the court sentenced to 13 years imprisonment and a fine. The news was reported by the local edition of Finance East Money.

As is clear from the court’s records, released November 6, the defendant began to blackmail the unnamed company after its possession documents showing that the company made some “illicit transaction”. The accused Du Bin has threatened the Secretary of the Board of Directors of the company Zheng that will publicize information.

By these threats, the Bin was able to obtain from the company payment of 3 million yuan (us$432 000) in bitcoin. Zheng bought the blackmailer 2,101.209 of bitcoin (at the time, in 2015, the coin was worth $200). Bin immediately sold them. The proceeds he spent on the down payment on the property and the purchase of a new BMW car, and part of the money put into your Bank account.

According to the court, 13 years, Bean will spend in jail; in addition, he must pay a fine of 50,000 yuan (us$7200). All property purchased with funds obtained by blackmail, were confiscated by the authorities.

Bina lawyer appealed the decision, citing the fact that in China there are no laws governing the transaction of bitcoin. Also, according to him, there was no evidence that his client bought the car and real estate with bitcoin. However, the court did not account the arguments of the lawyer convincing.

According to the materials of the Crypto Globe.