Central Bank of Venezuela launched the app for Android to help residents of the country to convert old bolivars to new Petro, which is tied to the new currency — a Sovereign Bolivar.

The app is called “Calculadora Soberana” was downloaded over 10,000 times in Google Play store. The description says that it will also allow users to follow “latest news and information about currency conversion”.

Soberana La Calculadora es una herramienta para todas y todos los venezolanos es el mejor aliado que tendrá el pueblo para asimilar y entender el proceso de reconversión monetary policy and.#CalculadoraSoberana #BolívarSoberano

Descárgala aquí https://t.co/lgX5negDLN pic.twitter.com/8nubLX54be

— Banco Central de Venezuela (@BCV_ORG_VE) 25 Aug 2018

Earlier this month, Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro tied new devalued the Bolivar to the cryptocurrency Petro (PTR). According to him, Petro one should cost about $60, or 3.6 thousand new bolivars.

We will remind that on 20 August in Venezuela launched a new system of wages and prices, and introduced two units of account: Petro and a new currency, after which the denomination was called “Sovereign Bolivar”.