The second largest banking institution in USA, Bank of America has filed a patent for software that will allow you to manage cryptobranchidae customers. This writes the Ethereum World News.

The application was filed in the Office of patents and trademarks USA (USPTO) Charlotte, a subsidiary of Bank of America. The development is a system of safe storage of private keys from the wallets of major clients.

Banks interested in bitcoin

As the newspaper notes, the Bank is developing a system of in 2014. The application States that a financial institution makes the tool with the expectation of a future where cryptocurrencies are widely distributed.

Enterprises unable to process daily a large number of financial transactions. With the development of technology, the financial transactions using cryptocurrencies become more common. For some businesses can be quite profitable to keep cryptocurrency in a safe place.”

With the development of technology enterprises will be able to process large amounts of cryptocurrency transactions. That’s why some companies want to protect their assets and keep the keys to the wallets in the banks.

On the eve of the British consulting firm Ernst & Young announced the purchase of the software, which will allow her to manage clients ‘ investments in digital assets. However, services to support transactions with digital money the company will begin to provide only after will be adopted on circulation coins.