Through the hacked twitter account of Elon scammers again misinformed 22.5 million subscribers.

While real twitter CEO and co-founder, Tesla has been busy with posts on philosophical topics, hackers managed to connect through the account clone with a verified account and misinform followers about the Tesla plans to introduce cryptocurrency.

Recalling the statement of this Mask on the possibility of reorganization Tesla in a private company, the scammers informed the subscribers that the company also plans to make another “step in future” and considering adding BTC and ETH in its payment system.

Despite the fact that this information was not confirmed by official sources, many subscribers still believe in it, and some of them are even accused of fraud by the Mask.

The rest were more interested in how a fake twitter account again managed to obtain the status of confirmed.

The last time such incidents on Twitter has increased considerably: for example, in February, the swindlers promised from the person a famous entrepreneur to give the fans 4000 ETH.

Twitter Илон Маск

Elon Musk and his fans are not the only victims of fraud: in February, in Twitter there was a flood of impostors, who seemed to Charlie Lee and promoted Scam with fake hand litecoin.

In April, after the appearance of “handing out” clones Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin expressed their indignation to the address of social networking for inaction against fake pages impostors and asked followers to help with the blocking of the accounts of the fraudsters. In August of scammery has reached that began to use the name of Donald trump.

At the end of last month, after complaints Elon musk and the “open letter” from the crypto community, Twitter started blocking all non verified pages with the name Elon musk in the fight against cryptocurrency kamerami.