Bringing together more than 200 major companies in the blockchain-R3 consortium is considering holding an initial public offering (IPO). Sources Bloomberg reported that the representatives of the new York startups are actively discussing this issue with the consultants, noted interest in the proposal among potential buyers, but has not yet made a final decision.

However, in R3, say they are willing “to go the way of IPO”, since the main goal of the company is to provide blockchain solutions to the widest range of users.

Recall that last month, the media has exaggerated information about the possible bankruptcy of a startup. The head of the company David Rutter (David Rutter) has provided Forbes documents from which it is clear that R3 is in a difficult financial position, although the journalists came to the conclusion that anonymous sources “exaggerate”. R3 later reported that more than 39 partners successfully conducted testing of the application KYC platform Corda, demonstrating cooperation in the application of common business logic in the system.