The group of Slovak cryptoendoliths held the action projected onto the bitcoin logo on the building of the Central Bank of this Eastern European country. Thus the activists of the local branch Paralelná Polis expressed their protest against the policy of the regulator, which, according to them, is against bitcoin exchanges and other cryptocurrency companies a real “witch hunt”.

In addition to the building of the Central Bank of Slovakia in Bratislava, the image of bitcoin appeared on the buildings of several local banks. In addition, the building of the Central Bank for a short time also it was possible to observe the projection of the logo of Monero.

The campaign, entitled (En)light(enment) to banks (Enlightenment for banks) was held on Thursday.

In a statement on the website Paralelná Polis says:

“Crypto-currencies for the banking system is what method of printing Gutenberg was for literature. Just as the Church lost control of manual retyping of books and Central banks are losing control of the new cryptocurrencies. Because state regulators or fuzzy law of the Slovak banks, instead of accepting the unlimited possibilities of the cryptocurrencies and support young cryptomeria remain in the dark. Witch hunt in the field of cryptocurrencies and block transactions in favor of exchanges continue.”

According to activists, enlightenment for the banks is an attempt to come out of the darkness, which, as it was in the 15th century, prevented to declare itself the revolutionary technology of the printing press, and today in the 21st century threatens the arrival of a new era of decentralized blockchain.

It should be noted that the action refers to the events of 2008, when the building of the national Bank of Slovakia until the adoption of the unified European currency was placed a giant logo of the Euro.

Paralelná Polis in Bratislava is a division of the famous center of Paralelni Polis in Czech capital Prague, where is the Institute of cryptomaria and hosts the annual Congress of hackers.

Recall that a similar event was held in may, when the bitcoin logo was projected on the building of the National Bank of Switzerland in Zurich.