The Chinese police have uncovered a Scam with illegal games betting around the world Cup. Law enforcement agencies detained in the South of the country, six key suspects in the scheme on the darknet and arrested their Bank accounts with 5 billion yuan ($0.7 billion) and 10 billion yuan ($1.5 billion) in the cryptocurrency.

It is expected that within 8 months the suspects were able to engage in a pattern of about 8 thousand agents, which according to the principle of a Ponzi scheme lured her more than 330 thousand users from different countries of the world.

Recall that in late June, during the largest in the history of Europe operations against drug traffickers Europol and law enforcement authorities in Spain and Austria has conducted a number of searches, arrested 8 people and seized approximately $5.2 million in the cryptocurrency. Earlier in the USA the result lasted year undercover operation against the merchants of prohibited goods on the darknet were arrested 35 people. Among other things, law enforcement has confiscated about 2000 bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies more than $20 million.