Blockchain technology company Bitfury Group has entered into a partnership with the payment system Paytomat. In cooperation Bitfury adds the ability to send Lightning-payments via cryptocurrency wallet and app for merchants from Paytomat.

Our #LightningNetwork team @lightning_peach is bringing fast and low-cost crypto payments to international vendors and merchants through our partnership with @paytomat — read more from @BitcoinMagazine:

The Bitfury Group (@BitfuryGroup) 6 Dec 2018

For the technical implementation of the system will be the responsible developers of LightningPeach controlled by Bitfury company.

“Merchants ready to accept bitcoin, and cryptoanalysis to pay for it. We will provide the opportunity to implement both. But the partnership with Bitfury and implementation of network Lightning in our ecosystem, this feature will be very fast and effective”, — said CEO Paytomat Yuri Renter.

ForkLog previously reported that payments Lightning Network will be available in Microsoft Excel.