Following the launch of the zcash for on Coinbase Pro, which took place last week, Coinbase announced the addition of support for ZEC Coinbase.com and exchange app for iOS and Android. Now users can buy, sell, send, receive and store zcash for all platforms.

At the moment, support for zcash for running of clients in most jurisdictions except the us state of new York and the UK.

While customers will be able to send ZEC on Coinbase as of a transparent and shielded locations, and Coinbase – just for the sheer address. In the future we plan to add support for sending zcash for also screened addresses in those regions where it will not be a violation of local law.

Reaction to the news about adding zcash for on Coinbase caused controversy in the community. So, Twitter users received this information positively, and some pretty cool.

Some experts believe that the addition of ZEC in the listing Coinbase may adversely affect the privacy of cryptocurrency. The argument in support of this position they cite the fact that Coinbase is in the USA and, therefore, subject to the laws of the state and Federal laws, including the supervision of SEC and FINRA compliance requirements in relation to KYC/AML. The introduction of KYC for trading zcash for, in theory, would be contrary to the spirit of cryptocurrency, revealing identity of each user who sells it to Coinbase.

Despite these arguments, the founder of the zcash for Zuko Wilcox (Zooko Wilcox) is optimistic about listing on Coinbase.

On the news about adding on Coinbase.com the price of bitcoin has fallen:

5, when issued a statement of the exchange, ZEC was trading at $73-71,4. Currently, the weighted average price of the asset is $63,46.