The Englishman Corey Fricker, Rob cryptocurrency trader Cyrene Hamilton, received 13 years in prison. About it writes Daily Mail.

Kieren Hamilton, a former employee of the call center, regularly exhibited in Instagram photos, which showed its participation in the chic parties, stay at the best resorts, sitting in a luxury restaurants, Hiking in the expensive stores on Oxford street, watches rolex, luxury Mercedes and even an expensive set of artificial teeth. In addition cryptotrading Hamilton earned that spent training of cryptocurrency trading.

5 Jan this year at 6 a.m. in the house of Hamilton in Chadderton in greater Manchester, where he lived with his girlfriend Jessica and their infant daughter, Esme, rushed the two robbers in masks, armed with machetes. The robbers took the dog owner, the French bulldog is worth a thousand pounds, my dear laptop, gold bracelets and a gold wedding ring. They put Hamilton deep wound in the elbow — later on it was imposed 12 stitches. The brother of his girlfriend, who was in the house at the time of the robbery, was also injured with a machete, however he was not required hospitalization.

One of the robbers, Corey Fricker was arrested on 7 June this year, when he was behind the wheel of a stolen car. During the arrest police confiscated his amphetamine with a value of 90 000 pounds. In the past bandit 75 times came into the view of militiamen.

The court of Manchester and sentenced 27-year-old Fricker to 13 years in prison for robbery and for possession of drugs with intent to supply.

Police have not been able to return to the owner of a bulldog Rambo: most likely, he was sold on the black market.

According to Hamilton, after the incident, he was afraid to stay in the old house and plans to move.

Kieren Hamilton