The city of new York allowed access to bitcoin ATMs, and many were stunned by this decision. Opinion of cryptocurrency companies on this issue were divided.

According to the report by Reuters UK, the Department of financial services of new York (NYDFS) recently provided the license of the company Coinsource working bitcoin ATMs, which will now be the main distributor of such vehicles in the city.

Coinsource already doing installing bitcoin ATMs across the country. Although this is a significant event for the industry, some companies have a different opinion.

NewYork “setlicense”

Coinsource provided by the so-called “Balinese”, and it is in this case is issued to the operator of bitcoin ATMs in the city. In the NYDFS there is a higher purpose and functions in relation to the cryptocurrency industry, the license is just a controversial sheet of paper with approval.

In message Reuters UK says that a number of cryptocurrency companies were cheated by the Department and that the authority of the NYDFS as a regulator of cryptocurrency in the city “offensive”.

In his Twitter account Kraken CEO Jesse Powell said in this regard:

“In new York is as abusive and controlling ex-husband, with whom you broke up three years ago; but he continues to chase you, casting a shadow over your new relationship, as unable to accept that you can be happy without him.”

UK Reuters mentions a different story when kryptonyte new York was a major scandal because of the NYDFS and more than 15 companies fled the city because of the strict policies of the Agency.

The license for innovation?

Although NYDFS and explained that its mission is to “ensure the implementation of strong regulatory safeguards and effective monitoring mechanisms while promoting responsible growth of innovation”, the representatives of kriptonyte unhappy with the way the Agency performs its work.

Many US States have a long and successful cryptocurrency support services. Since new York is one of the most visited places in the country, great to see him and bitcoin ATMs. However, the fact that companies are disappointed with the control system, is an entirely different aspect of the theme.